The Treatment of Kidney Disease

Definition of kidney disease

The kidney disease is defined the series discomforts of your body which are caused by the local inflammation ,function damage or function loss of kidney .

Incidence reasons of kidney disease

There are three kinds of toxins in blood:one is the blood fat,blood sugar etc which are caused by the unhealthy life habits,second is the heavy metal ions which are caused by the polluted circumstance,third are the metabolic materials,such as the excessive uric acid,creatinine in human body.

The excessive nutritive subtances may cause the mitochondria in cell produce massive oxygen radical;at the same time the heavy metal ions can induce the reducing of function of antioxidant enzyme eliminating oxygen radical.Then massive oxygen radical may accumulate inside cells,leading to the oxidative stress reaction. Excessive metabolic products in human body can aggravate the oxidative stress reaction.

With the increasing of oxygen radical that may cause the series anomalies inside cells:DNA mutation,Abnormal protein synthesis occurs in endoplasmic reticulum.When these abnormal protein goes out of cells ,they become antigen to stimulate the immune system producing antibodies,that may lead to overactive immune inflammatory reaction.Thus the abnormal symptoms of rising white cells and abnormal lymphocyte subpopulation may occur in human body.

Antigen and antibody combines together to produce the immune complex and activate complement system,damaging the renal inherent cells and leading to the proteinuria and occult blood .

The course shows that the oxidative stress reaction destroy the body’s immune balance,leading to the local inflammation and function reducing or failing of kidney .

That is the kidney damage caused by the secondary reason.

Why cannot the kidney disease be cured for a long time?

The root reasons are that the toxins accumulation in human body cannot be eliminated.

The toxins outside and inside of cells can lead to the oxidative stress reaction,lead to the massive oxygen radical accumulation inside cells,wrong synthetic protein occuring ,cause the abnormal cytokine expression and occuring of fatigue,inflammation and constipation ,these symptoms are called the Qi deficiency in TCM.

The massive toxins accumulation in blood,abnormal protein and excessive lipid activate the human immune system,produce the formation of antigen and antibodies complex,and these complex circulates in blood and deposits in the renal inherent cells,further damages the renal function ,this is called the blood toxins in TCM.

The toxins in cells can not be eliminated in time,and this can lead to the constant accumulation of toxins in blood,immune stress response hurts the inherent cells constantly and lead to the renal function reduction or failure.

The blood toxins increases and lead to be harder to eliminate the intracellular toxins ,that is the root reason of chronic kidney disease.

How to treat the kidney disease after all?

The key point of kidney disease treatment is to eliminate the toxins in blood,after the clearance of toxins in blood the oxidative stress response may be suppressed,the immune inflammatory overreaction can be blocked ,and the renal damage can be controlled ,self-healing ability of renal cells can be restored.

How does our hospital treat the kidney disease?

The treatment of our hospital is called the “detoxification therapy”,also called the nine point therapy of removing blood toxins.

The therapy can not only remove toxins in blood and cells but also clear the blood contamination from root,and it is very effective to treat chronic kidney disease.Not only eliminating refractory edema but also changing the refractory proteinuria to be negative.

Function principles of nine-point therapy:

1. Cell-infusion therapy: Infusing the lymphocytes into human body,let the cells releasing the beneficial cytokines,restore the cells which are hurt by the blood contamination,keep the toxins out of cells.

2. Cytokines infusion therapy:Infusing the cytokines into human body,using anti-inflammatory cytokines to suppress the pro-inflammatory cytokines,restore the balance of cytokines expression.

3. Negative oxygen ion therapy:making the negative oxygen ion reach into human body through the breathing ,clearing and discharging the wastes invading cells,blocking the formation of oxidative stress and abnormal protein.

4. Three oxygen therapy:flowing the patient’s blood out of body , adding three oxygen into blood to make the blood cells and three oxygen combined thoroughly,promote the red cell’s carrying oxygen ability,make the blood more fresh and especially the hemoglobin more active.The three oxygen therapy can stimulate the increasing of cell’s antioxidant enzyme to suppress the oxidative stress response.

5. Double plasmapheresis therapy: Flowing the blood out of body and filtrating blood two times to eliminate the immune globulin ,immune complex,lipoprotein and inflammatory factor etc in plasma.discharging the toxins in plasma and infusing the good substance back into body,then reach the aim of eliminating the toxins thoroughly.

6. Herbal detoxification therapy:through the oral herbal medicine,the residual blood wastes after double plasmapheresis can be cleared again through the urine and sweat,making the blood circulate more smoothly.

7. Herbal activating blood therapy:through herbal infusion the blood wastes stick to the vessel wall can be cleared thoroughly.

8. Micro-element and vitamin supplement therapy:making the nutrition in body more balanced and strengthen the resistant ability.

9. Good living habits are the guarantee to keep human blood clean.Developing the good living habits include four respects of learning to eat,drink,do exercise and releasing pressure etc,eliminating the blood contamination from root.learn to eat and drink by self-control.learn to do exercis and keep good emotion.That is not only a kind of custom but also a kind of culture.