Treatment of Chronic Kidney Disease

Guided by the concept of "treating diseases from clearing toxins first", the expert team of our hospital has found in clinical treatment of kidney disease that patients who have experienced the three processes of kidney disease treatment have improved their original hematopoietic and circulatory systems, and their own detoxification ability has also increased.

The Three Processes of Kidney Disease Treatment

The first process: promoting blood circulation and unblocking collaterals

It is to expand renal blood vessels, improve renal blood circulation and increase blood perfusion so as to allow more oxygen and nutrients to enter the kidneys as well as more drugs to directly reach the lesion.

The second process: removing blood stasis and clearing toxins

It is to bring various toxic substances inside and outside cells to enter the bloodstream, and then to enter sweat, urine, and feces through blood circulation and to be finally excreted from the body, thus achieving the goal of removing toxic substances from the human body.

The third process: balancing Yin and Yang

It is to further regulate the functions of the human hematopoietic system, circulatory system, redox system, and immune system so as to improve the body's resistance to disease, and prevent the recurrence of kidney disease.

External Treatment of Meridians and Acupoints of Kidney Tonifying, Blood Activating, and Toxins Clearing

1.External Application of Traditional Chinese Medicine on Shu Mu Acupoints

After dialectical analysis, different traditional Chinese medicine formulas are used to act on the acupoints of the Bei Shu and Fu Mu acupoints.

It can increase glomerular filtration function, reduce blood creatinine and urea levels, protect intrinsic cells, and reduce urinary protein.

2.Traditional Chinese Medicine Moxibustion Treatment on Shenquan Acupoints

Different traditional Chinese medicine plasters and moxibustion are used to act on the Shenque and Yongquan acupoints.

It plays a therapeutic role in chronic kidney disease, achieving the goal of reducing urinary protein, increasing plasma albumin, and reducing blood creatinine.

3.Traditional Chinese Medicine Steam Bath

It protects inherent kidney cells, reduces urinary protein leakage, lowers blood creatinine, and improves symptoms such as edema, nausea, and skin itching.

4.Fumigation with Chinese Medicine

It effectively regulates immune imbalance, alleviates the three high states of the glomeruli, and reduces urine protein, blood creatinine, and blood urea.

5.Traditional Chinese Medicine Meridian Patch to Regulate Qi

It is to apply different traditional Chinese medicine to specific meridians so as to stimulate the body's positive Qi and achieve the goal of reducing blood creatinine and urine protein.

6.Du Moxibustion

It is to utilize the heat of moxibustion to directly moxibuste the sea of Yang Channels-Du Channel, which can stimulate the innate Yang Qi stored in the body, regulate organ function, connect the veins, and protect kidney function.

7.Colonic Dialysis with Traditional Chinese Medicine

It can correct the imbalance of water, electrolyte, and acid-base, eliminate toxins, reduce blood creatinine and urea levels, regulate mucosal immune function, suppress immune inflammatory reactions, and reduce urinary protein leakage.

8.Traditional Chinese medicine colon dialysis

Correct the imbalance of acid-base balance in water and electrolyte, remove toxins, reduce creatinine and urea levels, regulate mucosal immune function, inhibit immune inflammatory response, and reduce urine protein leakage.

9.Meridian Application with Traditional Chinese Medicine

It is to process some traditional Chinese medicine with detoxification function into drugs that can be applied, and use relevant acupoints for detoxification so as to reduce the side effects and drug resistance of oral Chinese medicine.